The Start of Unity

Whilst travelling can open up opportunities for meeting like-minded people from all walks of life; the two women who founded Unity would never have believed that their love for yoga and natural health would bring about a meeting of two like minds to create a blossoming friendship for which borders are no obstacle.

Andrea, a massage and beauty therapist (UK) first met Hanan, an Ayurveda practitioner (Switzerland) in 2016 at a surf-yoga retreat in the quaint Portuguese town of Ericiera. They stayed in touch and met again in Morocco where they were able to share their passions for natural health, beauty rituals and good food! They practiced yoga together, surfed and talked in depth about their life experiences.

In Morocco, Andrea & Hanan explored the local markets, hammam spa and farming areas. Having a Moroccan heritage meant that Hanan could share the local rituals with Andrea and show her the places where native products such as Argan oil is cultivated, and made into all kinds of products for consumption and beauty. Hanan confidently negotiated both of them around the local markets to drink delicious mint tea with the locals and buy the fragrant spices that Morocco is famous for – locally grown saffron, cumin, cinnamon and ginger, to name a few.

Andrea and Hanan have met in Switzerland several times and when they are together they will always practice yoga every morning. They cook together sharing their favourite recipes and visit the local villages and towns. The landscape in Switzerland is stunning with snow-topped mountains, castles, waterfalls and the Swiss chalet-style buildings.

In 2018, Hanan trained in Ayurvedic nutrition and cosmetology in Kerala, India. After this, the intrepid duo felt compelled to share their knowledge and ideas. They talked about running ‘well-being workshops’ to educate others in Ayurveda and to explore recipes for food and natural cosmetics. The concept of Unity was born.

Through Unity, Andrea and Han have created a platform where they can share rituals, recipes, and ideas for promoting well-being in a relaxed and friendly environment. Unity will also allow Han and Andrea to share the inspiring stories of people they have met, who themselves have been enriched by their own experiences. The aim of Unity is to teach people how they can look after themselves in ways they may not have thought of before and be their own kind of beautiful (a favourite mantra of Han’s!)

Having delivered their first workshops in France, the Unity journey for Andrea and Han has truly begun with plans for more workshops in Switzerland and the UK in the coming months. During the workshops, Han explores the concept of Ayurveda and recipes for nutritious drinks, snacks and beauty products; Andrea demonstrates facial massage rituals designed to improve the condition of the skin and promote relaxation.

You are invited to join them both in their journey exploring yoga practices and holistic beauty rituals from all over the world, and discovering the very best (& healthiest!) food and drink recipes.

In the blogs to follow, learn more about us, our experiences and how we continue to inspire each other. In future articles, we look forward to sharing with you our best tips for skin care, holistic rituals and delicious recipes.

Andrea & Han 🙏🏽 ~ Unity

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