How My Yoga Journey Started

By Hanan

In 2014, I found Yoga. Or perhaps I should say… Yoga found me!

It was a few months after I had broken my right foot while I was running and as a result, I couldn’t exercise for several months. Before the accident, I would go running regularly with my colleagues and after weeks of pushing myself without proper nourishment, I fell over and broke my right ankle. I couldn’t exercise at all for months which was really frustrating and sometimes made me feel, less than.

Slowly as the discomfort left, I tried easy yoga stretches which soothed my pain. I found that over time, the Yoga started to have an affect on my wellbeing, helping me to heal in ways I hadn’t expected. It seemed to shine a light upon my shadows and I became aware of how my body, mind and whole being responded on and off the Yoga mat. I realised that I was prone to anxiety attacks that would show up in the middle of the night and it would scare me, making me feel inadequate and useless. As I became more aware of my fears, I decided to watch them whenever they showed up, without judgement or drama, like clouds passing by in the sky.

As my Yoga practice developed, I started to feel more in control of my thoughts and able to kick out the negative beliefs in my head with love and light; Yoga has really helped me to heal my body pains and clear up the mess in my head. There are still times when I struggle with negative thoughts but I find this is extremely rare nowadays.

In recent years, I have been experimenting with different types of Yoga and even trying out Yoga retreats to deepen my knowledge. I also started to attend more workshops and classes in Switzerland where I live, and overseas in places like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco and Portugal, simply trying to learn more and enhance my own practice. I have met like-minded people and made new friends along the way which has given me the opportunity to have fun with yoga and learn from others.

Yoga continues to help me in so many ways but I believe there are a lot of misconceptions; I often see the media discriminating certain body shapes and colours from Yoga. It can also be an expensive leisure as some classes can cost up to 30 euros and sometimes more if the teacher has an international notoriety. This can mean that Yoga classes aren’t always accessible to everyone.

Slowly but surely, I see that mentalities are changing and if you are reading my words today, I want to remind you that when you are taking care of yourself, whether this is through Yoga or any other ritual, this is a loving decision that you are making for yourself. Everyone is unique and through Unity, Andrea and I want to show you how to practice you and be your own kind of beautiful.

You too, can develop your own unique Yoga practice. Although it can be in our nature, there really is no need to compare ourselves to others with a different body shape, ability, colour or age. As long as you are trying to unite your mind, body and soul, you are practising self-love.

One of my favourite Yoga Teachers and Writers is, Elena Brower and I want to finish by sharing a beautiful quote of hers…

Salute everything that heals and nourishes you.

With love, Hanan.

Recommended Yoga for any level:

Yoga with Adriene

Boho Beautiful

& you must check out Elena Brower

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