Remember to make your self-care a priority

When you treat yourself well, you are respecting who you are and setting a bench mark for how you will be treated by others. It is important to be aware of when certain situations are getting you down or when people are treating you poorly. In my personal experience, I am finding that making time for self-care rituals is helping me to fill up my own cup which leaves me feeling lighter on the inside. When I say self-care I don’t just mean having a bubble bath or a face mask, but finding a time to go inward and be gentle to yourself. This could be a walk in the park during your lunch break, taking yourself on a date or to the movies, creating something in your kitchen, having a dancing session in your home. Even repeating positive affirmations in front of your mirror. Anything that brings you joy.

Like many others, I don’t always have time for self-care because life can get in the way but I know I must try to be consistent. Even if I have to head towards the yoga mat feeling like a zombie! I know I will thank myself afterwards. The more we practise self-care, the easier it is to handle the things that life throws at us. It could be a challenging relationship, a stressful situation or negative thoughts. It’s easy to respond to situations in auto pilot mode without really thinking about the impact. It could be that we are too agreeable, putting everyone else’s needs before our own, or thinking that we did something wrong when someone is acting cold and distant towards us. It has definitely happened to me in the past but now, instead of trying to understand the why, the how and the what could be wrong with me, I choose to be kind to myself and not give my energy to the wrong places or people. When you are kind to yourself, you are creating healthy boundaries to live by which can make it easier to let go of negative situations or people who don’t treat you with the care you deserve.

Here are 10 self-care tips to get your started…

  1. Exercise! This could be Yoga, running, walking, exercise classes… whatever gets you moving and releasing those feel good hormones.
  2. Think about what you’re eating. Take time to review what food you’re putting in your body and ask yourself, “is this going to nourish me?” The food you eat can have a direct correlation on how you feel so practise some mindful eating.
  3. Spend time in nature. Go to a place where you can breathe fresh air, see trees and flowers, hear the sound of running water and let the natural elements nourish your soul.
  4. Look after your skin. The skin is the largest organ we have and it’s easy to neglect. Take the time to exfoliate and moisturise with natural products.
  5. Hydrate! It’s easy to become dehydrated so think about your fluid intake and the things you can do to get more fluids into your body. Your skin will thank you too!
  6. Clean your space. There’s no doubt that being in a clean and tidy environment can reduce anxiety and make you feel more relaxed. Clear your clutter and clear your mind! Give your unwanted belongings to charity, or sell them at a car boot sale or online.
  7. Pray. Whether you are religious or not, visiting a local church or visiting a temple or mosque in a different place provides an opportunity to find peace and practise humility.
  8. Reach out to someone with a loving message. Perhaps there is someone you haven’t spoken to for a long time and you keep meaning to get back in touch. The time is now so take the time to send that message or write a letter, it is bound to brighten up that persons day!
  9. Practice generosity. Giving to others can be incredibly rewarding; this could be donating your time to a charity or deciding to donate a regular sum to a charitable organisation that is important to you.
  10. And finally, Dance like nobody is watching!

When I emerge from my rituals, I feel good, I look good and what I have to offer others has more value. I feel that I have improved the quality of my life because I only let into my space the relationships, friendships and situations that are fun & healthy.

We would love to hear about your self-care rituals! Comment below if you would like to share your tips and let us know how they influence your wellbeing.

4 thoughts on “Remember to make your self-care a priority

  1. Wow, great post and so true! Some of my other top self-care rituals are:
    1. Wearing colours.
    2. 8-hour sleep.
    3. Saying ‘No’ every now and again.
    4. Complimenting somebody every day.
    5. Avoiding negative people as much as possible.
    6. Treating myself with something small every month.
    7. And the most important: Hugging and kissing my dog :).

    I love your blog. Keep the great posts coming and I hope you will have a workshop in Switzerland soon πŸ˜‰

    Thanks XX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Eva for your support and for sharing your self-care rituals with us… We must say, they are very inspiring πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• you are so right about wearing colors and everything else you say :-)… And about organising a workshop in Switzerland, we will inform you as soon as we have a date!


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