Making Time for You; Honey and Turmeric Face Mask

Through Unity, we plan to feature the tips and experiences of those we have met and this month we welcome 38 year old Alejandra from Colombia. Alejandra explains how she makes time for herself amidst her busy life, something many of us with families struggle to do. She also shares her recipe for her favourite natural face mask… Originally from Colombia, Alejandra has lived in … Continue reading Making Time for You; Honey and Turmeric Face Mask

The Start of Unity

Whilst travelling can open up opportunities for meeting like-minded people from all walks of life; the two women who founded Unity would never have believed that their love for yoga and natural health would bring about a meeting of two like minds to create a blossoming friendship for which borders are no obstacle. Andrea, a massage and beauty therapist (UK) first met Hanan, an Ayurveda … Continue reading The Start of Unity